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August 25, 2015

Chinese Dance Teachers

张茜 Zhang Xi | Founder, Dance Teacher & Choreographer

Teacher Zhang Xi 张茜
先后以优异的成绩毕业于教育部直属211工程985平台大学-陕西师范大学音乐学院舞蹈系并获得学士学位及中央民大研究生班(舞蹈编导方向)陕西省艺术学校附中5年制舞蹈表演专业.主修俄罗斯派芭蕾舞;中国民族舞.受家庭熏陶,长期受将领的严格教导,将军人的素质和严格训练融入到舞蹈教学当中.教学严格,手法丰富独特,充分发挥系统专业的舞蹈知识,获得家长好评.2008年移民加拿大后创办 加拿大小天鹅舞蹈学校 Tundra Swan Dance School争取为卡尔加里的华裔孩子提供正规系统的舞蹈教育为目标. 将中华文化艺术的舞蹈精髓发扬传播.

Xi is the only certified Chinese dance instructor from the Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, a Masters Degree in Choreography, and a major in Russian ballet and Chinese dance in high school.

Raised in a military family and affected by the stern home environment, she combines strict training with her dance instructions that create an inimitable teaching pedagogy. This creates excellent dance knowledge, which is highly praised by parents and students alike.

After immigrating to Canada in 2008, Xi founded the Tundra Swan Dance School. She intends to provide official Chinese dance training to Chinese Canadian youth and to spread Chinese dance art to the whole world.

杨雪佳 | 声乐老师

出国前任大学声乐教师,移民加拿大后创办了知音合唱团,任该团指挥,现任皇家山大学音乐学院声乐老师院声乐老师(Mount Royal Conservatory Instructor)


Zoe | Dance Teacher


Zoe has a certificate for instructors of Beijing Dance Academy Chinese dance grade examination. At age of 3, she started to learn Chinese folk dance and Chinese Classical dance. She was the leader of the Art Troupe in the Harbin University of Commerce.


Robbi-Lee | Dance Teacher

Teacher Robbi Lee

Robbi-Lee began dancing at the tender age of 3 taking ballet here in Calgary. She then moved to Red Deer and expanded her disciplines to Tap, Jazz, modern and musical theatre. (ADAPT and RAD).

At age 14 Robbi-Lee began assisting dance classes and knew that choreographing was her passion. When she was 16 years old she choreographed an entire youth production of Anne of Green Gables for CYT. At age 17 Robbi-Lee won a dance scholarship to a summer dance program in Red Deer.

Now settled here in Calgary Robbi-Lee has had extensive experience choreographing competitively for youth aged 4 years to 14 years old. She is happy to be teaching with Tundra Swan Art School and excited to see the smiling dancers each week!


刘畅 Kelly Liu | Dance Teacher


Kelly has been dancing for approximately nine years and joined Tundra Swan Art School in 2010. She is an experienced and talented young dancer, having trained in various genres including Chinese traditional, ballet, lyrical, jazz, and hip hop. After two years of volunteering as a mentor to the younger students, she is quite well-accustomed to the class routines and is excited to advance as a teacher.

She looks forward to encouraging the students to pursue dance with passion and to enrich their knowledge of this art by pushing them to give their best effort in acquiring new skills.

           Yilin | Dance Teacher

Yilin自幼学习各种舞蹈并完成中国舞蹈考级。主要涉及到中国舞,民族舞,拉丁,爵士等多项舞蹈种类。 自2014年来加入小天鹅舞蹈学校,拥有丰富独特的教学经验,参加了加拿大当地多种舞蹈比赛并获得了多种奖项。


Office Manager – Lily Li

10 years’ work experience as enterprise manager, 10 years Canadian work experience in accounting, education background in economic management, strong management background and experience in both China and Canada.

Office hour in Tundra Swan Art School

To better communicate with parents, we would like to post our office hours. Email is the best way to contact.  If you would like to ask questions via wechat or talk in person, please check the office hours. We prefer to make appointment if you need more time to talk. Thank you for cooperation.

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