小天鹅艺术学校自2008年建校以来, 经过十多年的不懈努力已经发展成为拥有三个舞蹈培训场地的综合性教育基地。雄厚的专业师资力量、严谨的教学制度和丰富的课程设计,使之成为一所规范的舞蹈学校,学生足迹遍布卡尔加里各个角落。我校的目标是培养学生的自信心,激发她们对舞蹈的热爱。我们强调每个学生关注个人发展,同时我们给予每个学生更大的舞台来展示自己的艺术才华。我校强调基本功的训练和艺术理念的融会贯通,带给学生的是实实在在的艺术教育。纯正的舞姿和漂亮的体型,自然的提升了艺术气质和美感,给学生提供受益终身的舞蹈培训和艺术熏陶。 

我校一直致力于发展中国民族民间舞蹈基本功训练和芭蕾基础训练,学校开设了针对各个年龄段的中国舞、英国皇家芭蕾舞蹈(Royal Academy of Dance)简称(RAD), Jazz, Tap, K-POP和成人芭蕾形体班等舞蹈课程。2018年我校已成为卡尔加里首家拥有“中国民族民间舞蹈等级考试”认证的机构和指定培训基地。 



As founder and Principal of Tundra Swan Dance School, Ms. Zhang Xi is a youth choreographer and dance instructor. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Dancing and Dance Choreographer MA Degree. Moreover, Ms Zhang is the only certified Chinese dance teacher from the Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association of Alberta.

Ever since 2008, our dance school has completed many standardized dance courses for Chinese children in Calgary and has contributed to the success of more than 180 excellent dance performances. We have received many gold and silver awards in many dance competitions. In addition, we won the title of ‘Diamond Producer’ in the West District American Dance competition. We are homoured as this is the first Chinese dance school to win such an award in the tournament’s history.

Our school is unique in specialist teaching. We apply the curriculums from several famous colleges and universities such as the National Taiwan Academy of Arts and Dances, Normal University in Monrovia, Shaanxi Normal University, etc. By applying a scientific system of ballet basic training, Chinese ethnic dance, Chinese folk dance, comprehensive Chinese classical dance in conjunction with the Russian Galina Academy of Ballet Syllabus, we enrich students with a variety of dances including full access to learning ballet.

Our school offers physical dance classes (Latin, jazz, and modern dance). Enriching professional dance courses ensure each student can reach their maximum potential.

Since 2008, our school has actively participated in more than 50 charity events and 4 large-scale dance evening extravaganzas. Our students receive abundant stage performance experience and artistic practice.

We are an active participant in many public performances, including the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, 2009 and 2011 Calgary Stampede, Alberta Deputy Speaker of Parliament Annual Session, Calgary Professional Association Spring Festival, Chinese New Year Carnival Cultural Centre, Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre anniversary, the Alberta multicultural performances, Calgary’s Folk Dance Festival, Indian Cultural Day, Calgary International Dance Festival and Calgary Historical Cultural Festival.

Every June, our school organizes a Grand Evening Show to showcase our summer season performances.

Tundra Swan Dance School aims to provide an enjoyable and learning environment for kids in Calgary. We not only aim to get them in shape, but also to cultivate their talent into brilliant dancers.

We are always on the lookout for new talented dance teachers. Please send your CV to tundraswandance@hotmail.com