• Dance classes run from September until June. Classes are progressive so students are encouraged to complete the dance year

  • If students must miss class due to illness, injury or other unplanned absence, please notify the school that they will not be attending the class that day. Email written notice to

  • If a student misses more than three classes, the instructor may remove her from scheduled performances.

  • NO REFUND will be given for missed classes, planned or unplanned.

Proper dance attire enables the teacher to see the dancers’ positions and movement in order to give necessary corrections for the benefit of the dancer’s education. A dress code also teaches discipline, which is important in an art as demanding as dance, this can be found on our website.

  • Pink ballet slippers, pink tights, the color of leotard dependent on class level – pink for 4-10 years old and black for 11 years old and above.

  • Hair must be secured in a tight, neat hair-bun and away from the face. The skirt is optional.

If there are any questions, please discuss dress code with your child’s dance instructor at the commencement of classes.  All children are expected to conform to the dress code by the first week of October.

In the event of a medical emergency or injury during a class, the instructor will immediately contact the parents using the phone number(s) provided by parents on the student’s registration record. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, 911 will be called immediately, and then the parent/guardian will be notified.
Students are to respect all staff and other students.

  • No Gum, food, or drinks permitted inside the dance studios (water is permitted and encouraged)

  • Due to many allergies Tundra Swan Ltd. is a NUT FREE studio.

  • While classes are going on, the waiting areas and studio are not to be used as a playground, please be courteous and respectful to the dancers and instructors.

  • Parents are responsible for monitoring all siblings not in lessons.

  • NO STREET SHOES are allowed in the studio at any time.

  • Tundra Swan Ltd. and its staff are not liable for any damage to or losses of personal property or valuables. To avoid this, we recommend all belongings are labeled, or left at home.


     Students may submit a request for a tuition fee refund in writing and with supporting documentation to the Office. The processing time for refunds is approximately 4 to 6 weeks. 

Students who withdraw:

  • Before September 1st may receive a full refund of their tuition

  • Before October 1st will deduct 50 dollars management fee of tuition fees paid

  • After October 1st will receive no tuition refund for the current semester

Please notify the office of any changes to personal information. Parents must notify the school if their dance is going to be absent.